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A quick guide to surfing in NYC

A quick guide to surfing in NYC

Surfing in NYC 

by Meenakshi Parashar

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Craving beaches and some high tides? Lucky for you, you won’t have to go too far this summer. We know what you’re thinking. Surfing? In New York City? Believe it or not, the city has one great hub if you’re feeling the urge to surf. While New York City may not have the same beach vibe as Hawaii or Florida, there is a way to catch some waves.

The ultimate place to head to is Queens which has the Rockaways. Also known as the Rockaway Peninsula, the area contains the only legal surf beaches in all five boroughs.

To get to Rockaway Beach, take the A train which will take you to Rockaway Beach at 67th Street or by switching to the Shuttle at Broad Channel to 97th and 116th Streets. The coastline stretches from 9th to 149th streets while the surf spots are located between 69-71 street, 87-92nd street and 116-117 street. Not only is the beach a great hub for surfing; the beach has a variety of outdoor activities, eateries, and a boardwalk which is liveliest during the summertime.

If you need to borrow or buy wetsuits and surfboards, there are numerous places to check out. Here are the top places to check out:

1.     Boarders Surf Shop is located at 192 Beach 92nd Street, right by Rockaway Beach. They’re open Wednesday to Sunday from 10am to 6pm. You can rent and buy surfboards, wetsuits, and stand up paddleboards and store your items in a private locker. Surfboard rental pricing is $35 for 4 hours and $50 for full day. Wetsuits are $10 a day and $5 if you rent a board as well. As for paddleboards, it’s $50 for 4 hours and $90 for the full day. Boarders also provides surfing lessons. You can contact instructor Frank at 718-496-3371 or email NYSurfSchool@aol.com. Check out the Boarders website for schedules and pricing: http://www.boarderssurfshop.com/index.html

2.     Rockaway Beach Surf Shop is located at 177 Beach 116th Street also by Rockaway Beach. It’s open from Monday to Saturday, 10am to 6pm. You can buy many brand name surfboards. You can always send them a message to ask if they supply a specific surfboard you want. Check out http://rockawaybeachsurfshop.net/surfboards.html. Prices start at $299. The shop also supplies wetsuits that are up for sale.

3.     Station RBNY is the newest addition with a grand opening in spring 2016. It is located at 92nd Street and offers SUP & surf rentals, lessons and lockers. You can find out more about Station at https://www.facebook.com/stationrbny/info/?tab=overview

4.     Aegir Boardworks is located at 99 Water Street, Brooklyn and is open 11am to 8pm Monday to Sunday. http://aegirboardworks.com/

5.     Pilgrim Surf+Supply is located at 68 N 3rd Street, Brooklyn and has a wide variety of surfboards. Be sure to go to their website to check the availability of the boards. http://pilgrimsurfsupply.com/surfboardsp/. It’s open daily from noon to 8pm.

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