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3 Steps to Mountain Biking in Queens

3 Steps to Mountain Biking in Queens

Ready to up your NYC adventure level exponentially? Forget the Central Park bridal path and head to Queens for a mountain biking adventure in just 3 steps.

1. Find a bike. 

Check out Peak Bikes also located in Queens - an easy walk from the subway and then bike ride to Cunningham! 

2. Head to Cunningham Park

By bike: If you're looking to get in some extra miles (around 15) you can bike straight from Central Park to Cunningham. It is classic city riding though so if you haven't biked on the streets with cars before, we recommend taking the subway. There are a few entrances but the most straight forward is at 67th and 210th street (see map below). 

By subway: Hop on the F train to Jamaica/179th Street. From there it's a short bike ride up to the park. The NYC Mountain Bike Association has plotted out this nice map:

3. Find your trail

Though Cunningham isn't huge, it has options for everyone from mellow beginner trails to expert options. Those familiar with skiing will recognize the green, blue, black marks on the trail (green = easy, blue = medium, black = hard). As the trails are beautifully maintained, the markers are easy to follow.

Grab your bike and get out there. 

More Resources:

New York City Mountain Bike Association

Concerned Long Island Mountain BIcyclists (they maintain Cunningham's trails)

Brooklyn Bike Park (pumptrack) 

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