OutdoorFest NYC Campout

JUNE 1 - 2, 2019

Camp Kaufman, NYC


Get Ready for 24 Hours of...


Expect everything from hiking to trail running to yoga to slacklining to camping! Throughout your 24 hours at camp you'll find active adventures going on every hour throughout our 75-acre green paradise. 

Photo by Ezekial Gonzalez

Photo by Ezekial Gonzalez


Do you want to learn how to start a fire? Learn to cast a fly rod? Pack for a multi-day trip? Tell a wicked story around the campfire? Our workshops are led by the best guides in NYC and are no pressure ways to learn skills before heading into the backcountry. 

Learning Fly Casting at the Freestone Fly Fishing Station. Photo by Stephen Eliott

Learning Fly Casting at the Freestone Fly Fishing Station. Photo by Stephen Eliott

Trail Running

We'll have Salomon Academy: Trail Running, a Salomon 5K headlamp trail race for the intrepid and a 6-hour Salomon Ultra run for the truly passionate.



Whether you're cheering on the crazy ultra runners, dancing to this year's band, looking at the night sky through a telescope or just hanging out in a hammok with a cool Sierra Nevada, the campout will help you get away from it all.

Photo by Ezekial Gonzaelz

Photo by Ezekial Gonzaelz


Outdoor Concert Shots by Stephen Elliott

This year, Bridges and Tunnels will headline at the Stage in the Woods.

About: Bridges and Tunnels is a NYC based Americana band focused on bringing people together, that lets their words, harmonies, and hooks do the talking. The band lives by their mission of using music and narrative to connect people to things we all have in common.

2019 Campout Schedule

7:00AM: Salomon Ultra Run Begins (access to run area only at this time)

10:00 AM Full campgrounds is OPEN!

ALL DAY: The Green Mountain Energy Chill Zone offers you a spot to hang out in a hammock, slackline, meet a new friend, play a game of cards and… chill out.

10:30 AM Invigorating Vinyasa Flow with Pop Up Yoga NYC

11:00 AM Outdoor Photography class (all cameras/smart phone users welcome) with Girl Gotta Hike

11:00 AM Geocaching Challenge

12:00 PM Survival Skills with Destination Backcountry Adventure

12:00PM Fly Casting & Knot Tying area opens (ongoing) with Freestone Expeditions

1:00 PM Photography Walk with Melissa Goodwin of Girl Gotta Hike

1:30 PM Intro to Map & Compass with Destination Backcountry Adventure

2:00 PM Very relaxing and gentle yoga (great for ultra runners!)

2:30 PM Hike on the Staten Island Greenbelt

3:00 PM Trip Planning Workshops (Maps, packing, route planning and more!)

4:30PM Backpacking 101 with Melissa Goodwin of Girl Gotta Hike

4:30 PM Leave No Trace Training with Justin Bailey of the Outdoor Ethos

5:30 PM Backcountry Cooking with Destination Backcountry Adventure

6:00 PM Fire Building with Justin Bailey of the Outdoor Ethos

7:00 PM Walking Meditation / Forest Bathing

8:30 PM Salomon 5K Trail Run

9:30PM Bridges & Tunnels performance at the Stage in the Woods with Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

Late night: Stargazing with the Amateur Astronomers Association

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Sunday morning: Hang out, grab breakfast, go for a casual hike

Our Partners 

Are you interested in setting up a booth or activating at the OutdoorFest Campout in NYC? Email sarah@outdoorfest.com with the Subject Line: CAMPOUT 2019.


How to Get Here 

Driving Directions

**Please do not use the Google Maps address for Kaufman it will lead you astray!**  For GPS use: 1215-1251 Manor Rd, Staten Island, NY you will see the entrance to the "JCC camp" across the street from the school. That's where you turn.


No Car? No Problem.

Here’s the shuttle schedule. You can buy a one way ticket or roundtrip when checking out via Eventbrite.

To/From Union Square

Saturday 8:00AM (Union Square) —> Campground (9:00AM)

Sunday 10:00AM (Campground) —> Union Square (11:00AM)

To/From the Staten Island Ferry St. George Terminal

Saturday 10:00AM (St. George Terminal) —> Campground (10:30AM)

Saturday 11:00AM (St. George Terminal) —> Campground (11:30AM)

Saturday 12:00PM (St. George Terminal) —> Campground (12:30PM)

Saturday 6:00PM (St. George Terminal) —> Campground (6:30PM)

Saturday 10:00PM (Campground) —> St. George Terminal (10:30PM)

Saturday 11:00PM (Campground) —> St. George Terminal (11:30PM)

Sunday 8:00AM (Campground) —> St. George Terminal (8:30AM)

Sunday 9:00AM (Campground) —> St. George Terminal (9:30AM)


Q. What's for dinner?

We'll have Empenaderia (formerly, Mi Casa) on-site selling delicious Columbian fare for lunch and dinner if you'd like to purchase food. Though, you're more than welcome to bring your own backcountry stoves, picnic, grills, or even food to cook over the campfire.

Note: it's a 10 minute walk from the parking lot to the campground so pack accordingly.

Q. Drinks?

The water is potable (there are even bathrooms!) so please bring a water bottle. We'll also have beer from Sierra Nevada Saturday night and coffee Sunday morning.

Q. I purchased a shuttle pass for pick up at Staten Island’s St. George Terminal, where do I go after I get off the ferry?

The shuttle will pick you up in Passenger Pickup. Here’s a map circling said passenger pick up /drop off area: http://imgur.com/kwlbGpd. To get there, you'll follow the masses as you get off the ferry. In the main terminal hallway you'll see a bunch of "ramps". Turn left and walk all the way to the very end past the A ramp. At the end of the hallway there's a staircase on your left heading DOWN. At the bottom of those staircase is passenger pick-up.

Q. Can I bring kids?

The full campout is only open to those 21 years of age and older. If you have kids that want to watch the 5K or Ultra Run they will be able to come hang out in the main run area during the runs. 

Q. What should I bring? 


  • Tent

  • Sleeping bag and sleeping Pad

  • Headlamp or flashlight (if you're running, headlamp required)

  • Extra layers

  • Rain jacket

  • Water bottle***


  • Yoga mat (or towel)

  • Running / hiking footwear

  • Camp stove + cooking gear

  • Playing cards, musical instrument

Q. What if I don’t have camping gear?

This year, you can book a spot in a tent! The tents can comfortably fit 2 people. You can “request a roommate” when checking out.

Here’s what’s included along with the tent:

  • Sleeping Bag

  • Sleeping Pad

  • Headlamp

Q. Do I need to bring fire starter, fishing gear, water purification methods?

Nope. The water tap is potable, we'll start the fires and Freestone will bring the fishing gear.

Q. Can I bring a dog, illegal substances or my own alcohol?


Q. I'm running the 5K, what time does that start?

A. Registration for the run goes from 7:00PM-8:00PM. Race begins at 8:15PM. 

Q. Cell service? Wifi?

Yes! and... seriously? 

Q. I have more questions...

Email: contact@outdoorfest.com

What to bring to the OutdoorFest 2019 Campout

A basic guide to packing for the campout: 

Here are some suggestions: 

Campout Tickets

Ultra Run Registration