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Tell Tales - Microplastics in the Hudson River

Is microplastics pollution of the Hudson something we need to worry about?

The answer is yes.

There are hundreds of millions of microfibers entering and flowing down the Hudson River. Join Rachael Miller,  for a highly visual and engaging presentation, where you will learn about the problem of microfiber pollution, why it is something we should care about, how much is in the Hudson River and how you can be part of the solution. This presentation and information is suitable and relevant for everyone - river-lovers, scientists, those interested in fashion’s relationship to our planet and more. Everyone who wears and washes clothes is part of this problem. And, everyone who wears and washes clothes can be part of the solution. All ages welcome.

When: November 14th, 7:00PM

Where: Hudson River Sailing at Pier 66

Register: for free, here.