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May 29-June 9


Year in Review: 2017 with OutdoorFest

Year in Review: 2017 with OutdoorFest


We started 2017 off by writing love letters to New York City Parks with the Natural Areas Conservancy at Filson.



OutdoorFest Founder Sarah Knapp teamed up with Outside Magazine's Abigail Wise to bring the topic of sexism in the outdoor industry to influencers in media and technology at a talk at the 2017 South by Southwest conference. 


We teamed up with our friends at Mappy Hour YYC for our first ever international trip - skiing on the famous Powder Highway.



This summer, OutdoorFest and REI teamed up to tell stories of adventurers, makers, and rule-breakers through a NYC-based Force of Nature Speaker Series. This was part of REI's larger Force of Nature initiative, putting women front and center to bring women together outdoors, declaring outside the largest level playing field on Earth. Our speaker series started in May and lasted through September, below are a few snapshots of our inspiring speakers:

Then, later in May, Outside Magazine wrote nice things about us:



Our favorite month of the year! This summer was our *fourth* annual OutdoorFest which kicked off with an amazing campout ...

.... continued with events throughout the five boroughs...

... and finished with Sketchy Andy on a slackline in Riverside Park! 

The crew! 

The crew! 


Mappy Hour's began "popping up" everywhere from Atlanta to Springfield to Detroit to Los Angeles to Philadelphia! Luckily for those of you in Atlanta, Springfield and Detroit: Mappy Hour will be continuing there in 2018. Details available at mappyhour.org. 


Mappy Hour T-shirts and stickers became a reality:




Our sister site offMetro published this epic guide to skiing and snowboarding near NYC because... it's shred season! 

Bonus moment: Hanging out with NY 1's Roger Clark on the slackline

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Have ideas for what you'd like to see in 2018? Tell us now. 

OutdoorFest 2018 Dates Announced!

OutdoorFest 2018 Dates Announced!

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