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An Adventure Kayaking in Constitution Marsh

An Adventure Kayaking in Constitution Marsh

We've written at length about the great spots you can paddle within New York City but what about an affordable day trip to an Audubon Sanctuary a little over an hour North?

Last weekend we took the Metro-North to Cold Spring (home of the famous Breakneck Ridge!) with nothing but a backpack and a change of clothes on hand. The train ride was uneventful and honestly, a great opportunity for a nap after a fairly early wake up call. From Cold Spring Station, it was a 7 minute walk to Hudson River Expeditions where we rented kayaks ($25/1 hour, $40/2 hours, $60/3 hours, $70/4 hours). They hooked us up with a map of the marsh, life jackets, and even brought our kayaks down to the waterfront.

Before taking off towards Constitution Marsh, the staff at HRE gave us a quick rundown on great paddling stroke and an insistent reminder that if we didn't exit the marsh "on time" the tide would essentially trap us in there for an extra four hours. Pro tip: Plan ahead and bring a lunch *just in case*.


To enter the marsh you paddle underneath a small bridge that the trains run on and once you're inside the landscape begins to change from the open Hudson River to a grassy and bird filled well... marsh.



Following the "trail" marked by white buoys we went south for an hour until we realized it was well beyond time to turn around. Racing back to the bridge we had to duck our heads and paddle to get out in time. While we chose to paddle for two hours, another great option is to paddle the marsh for the full 4 hours and head out to a waterfall with a picnic lunch.

Back on shore, we walked back to the outfitters to change and then over to Rincon Argentina (on the corner of the same street) for a coffee and ice cream.

Quick tips:

-Take Metro-North from Grand Central to Cold Spring

-Rent kayaks from Hudson River Expeditions (a quick walk from the train)

-Call them in advance about timing - they'll look at the times and give you specific windows for kayaking into the marsh



1. Hat

2. Sunscreen

3. Sunglasses and croakies (or as REI likes to call them “Sunglass Retainers”)

4. Reusable water bottle (and a carabiner to clip it on)

5 . SEALINE Waterproof E-Case for your phone if you’re planning on bringing it

6. Water shoes. Note: this does not mean flip flops, you need shoes that will stay on your feet especially as you’re coming in and out of the kayak. Tevas, Chacos, and Keen are well known and reputable for high quality (we love our Tevas).

7. Depending on the weather: shorts, bathing suit and non-cotton t-shirt

8. Don’t forget to bring a change of clothes for afterwards!

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OutdoorFest 2018: 1,538 people, 10 days, 5 boroughs

OutdoorFest 2018: 1,538 people, 10 days, 5 boroughs