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Columbia Basecamp Outdoor Series: Vanlife in New York City

You’ve seen the photos of vanlifers in National Parks and out on the open road, but what does vanlife look like in New York City? Tonight, we’ll hear from Nathan Staiger and Aaron Randolph, two NYC based vanlifers on how they make it work here in NYC. Nate attends culinary school during the day while Aaron is a charter school teacher. Both are avid climbers, using the gym not only as their training facility but as their go-to shower spot. Along with saving on rent, Nate and Aaron are also easily able to drive their vans upstate for exciting weekend adventures.

Grab a Sierra Nevada brew and relax as you listen to living life free from leases and full of adventure.

OutdoorFest is a 10-day outdoor adventure festival in the five boroughs of New York City. Join us from May 31 – June 9, 2019 to paddle, bike, hike, camp and more all over the city!

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