Welcome to OutdoorFest's Advertising Page. There are three main categories here for you to peruse.

Part I: OutdoorFest 2018 - a 10-day festival in New York City celebrating our local outdoor recreation opportunities. 

Best for: On-site activations, connection to New York City market

Part II: Mappy Hour 2018 - our growing Mappy Hour community reaches from NYC to Atlanta to Austin and we're not stopping. This community is defined by monthly (indoor) meet-ups that focus on educating and inspiring people to go outdoors with their local community.

Best for: Multiple markets and digital content sponsorship, grassroots alignment

Part III: Cache Magazine

Part of the OutdoorFest NYC brand, Cache will bring a print and digital summer guide to New Yorkers in conjunction with the festival. 

Best for: sponsored content, multi-touch storytelling, driving to NYC brick & mortar


OutdoorFest 2018

Mappy Hour

Cache Magazine