OutdoorFest aims to create a community of New York's urban-based outdoor enthusiasts.

May 29-June 9


Events: 12/25-31

Events: 12/25-31

This week:

Don't celebrate Christmas? Go hiking. 
12/25, Breakneck, 10:00AM, train from Grand Central.

Or running. 
12/25, Group run (Meetup Ultrarunners), 10:00 AM, Van Cortlandt Park.

Learn to take better photos.
12/29, Nature Photography, 1:00PM, Staten Island.

Prepare for your next backcountry adventure.

12/29, Wilderness survival, 11:00AM, McCaren Park.

NYE: Forget the booze and go running.
Brooklyn: 12/31, NYC Runs 5K, 11:15PM, Prospect Park
Manhattan, 12/31, NYRR 4M, 11:59PM, 72nd Street Traverse

Or biking.

12/31, NYE Ride & Dance Party: Brooklyn & Manhattan.

Have fun, get outside, and remember Sangria is healthy.

Events: January 1st 2014

Events: January 1st 2014

Events: 12/17-22

Events: 12/17-22