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May 29-June 9


Best of Banff

Best of Banff

This week the 2014 Banff Mountain Film Festival hit NYC with four nights of programming in the (mostly) sold out Symphony Space. There was an incredible line up of amazing films that got our blood pumping and our heart aching for adventure.

Each night was stellar - and while all of the films had their own magic, our favorite was (of course) Nordfar Sola. 

We know, everyone says this one but that's because it was a stand out. Yes, there were quite a few plot holes (snowboards?) And yes, those boys are idiots for not having a sufficient medical kit, But the purity with which they approached the project touched on something that is so hard to express. Something about freedom, something about just doing. They took on (and stuck with) an adventure simply because it was a "cool idea." 

Plus it was beautiful and funny and no one can argue with that.

North of the Sun (Nordfor Sola)

Grand Prize Winner – sponsored by MEC

People's Choice Award – sponsored by Treksta

Dolby Audio Award

Norway, 2012, 46 minutes
Filmmakers: Inge Wegge and Anne Bergseng
Website: www.facebook.com/nordforsola
Classification: General, coarse language

Tucked between the cold Atlantic Ocean and the rocky slopes of a remote, arctic island, two young Norwegian adventurers discover their own private playground. They build themselves a cabin out of flotsam while clearing the beach of debris, then spend the long winter skiing and surfing in the haunting low light.

Events 3/14 -19

Events 3/14 -19

Events: 3/4 - 10

Events: 3/4 - 10