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May 29-June 9


Prize Highlights

Prize Highlights

Awesome companies means awesome prizes.

We try, but we can't thank our Indiegogo Campaign sponsors enough! 

Today we're highlighting all of the awesome shwag you can get just by supporting OutdoorFest thanks to Tattly, Bronx Brewery, NakedWines.com, Sender Films, Brooklyn Boulders, NYC Bouldering, Fjallraven, and Larson Harley.

Along with exclusive OutdoorFest prizes (Map & Compass class, Mappy Hours, Stickers, "How to Climb" guide) our campaign also offers tattoos, climbing (indoor and outdoor), booze, guide books, backpacks, movies, and fine art. 

Temporary Tattoos are awesome. 

Brooklyn based Tattly makes temporary tattoos designed by professional artists. Nic Annette Miller is a Brooklyn-based transplant from the Rockies. She designed both the bear and the buck:



Pale Ale.jpeg

The Bronx Brewery is opening up a tasting room this summer!  

The Bronx Brewery, known for their famous Pale Ale (available in stores), is  opening their tasting room early this summer. The brewery uses minimally-processed materials to create fresh, bold beer from a borough known for its own uniquely bold character. 

Gaz Leah doesn't just give anyone a tour. 

Gaz Leah is one New York City's most knowledgeable experts on local bouldering. His newest book: NYC Bouldering is the must-have for any climber who wants to explore outdoor bouldering within the five boroughs. 

Everyone loves BKB! 

Everyone's been except for you. Brooklyn Boulders is known for turning unsuspecting visitors into die hard climbers. Plus if you get tired from climbing you can do yoga, slackline and capoeira.

Seriously, everyone.


The Kanken is officially in. 

Everyone has one - now it's your turn. Fjallraven's Kånken Bag just got it's own website that's how cool it is. Fjallraven's iconic bag is known for it's unique square shape, funky colors, and of course (it's Fjallraven) durability. 

L Harley Cathedral Peak 2012b.jpg

Larson Harley is really talented. 

Cathedral Peak is a Yosemite mainstay which professional photographer Larson Harley captured as a Cannon sponsored photographer in 2012. Harley was a born and raised New Yorker, currently living in Brooklyn. He is a commercial and fine art photographer, photo instructor, and adventurer. 

Discount wine in your apartment

NakedWines.com lets you order wine straight to your apartment. They have a huge selection and make nice wines affordable to the masses.




And of course, get stoked with any Sender Films movie.







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