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What does "paddle" mean to you?

What does "paddle" mean to you?

Paddlesport 2014 Recap

Last weekend we headed over to Paddlesport 2014: The East Coast's Largest Kayak, Kayak Fishing, Canoe & Stand Up Paddling Show by Jersey Paddler.

We arrived on Friday and spent the first few minutes of the show setting up our booth - including an inflatable kayak on loan from local gear guys Outdoor Exchange and new postcards designed by HammerTime

We settled in and met our neighbors: old friends from the Appalachian Mountain Club and new friends from the Northern Forest Canoe Trail which is basically the AT for paddlers. 

Over the three days we met a ton of people from the tri-state area and some local NYC organizations stopped by to chat (shout outs to Sebago Canoe Club, Manhattan Kayak Harbor Lab, Manhattan Community Boathouse and NYC Swim). 

On Saturday and Sunday afternoons, Sarah Knapp spoke in the Metedeconk Room presenting OutdoorFest in New York City: Why + How. After the slideshow, she opened up the floor to the audience and listened to community ideas for the festival (stay tuned about a circumnavigation of the island!) 

Back at the table we had a great time showing off our new maps of the NYC Harbor as well as a tide wheel by NYC Water Trail Association. We also created a "Word Map" on our table cloth. Our prompt was what does "paddle" mean to you?  We had some great responses ranging from sweet to inspiring to funny.


The finished product included: Dad, Yes! Ice, Sun, Movin, Yay, Free, Kayaking in the Summertime, Face Forward into the BReeze, MTI Life Jackets: Stay Safe, HarborLab, Euphoria, Quiet, Tranquility, Namaste, Unique Access, Healthy, Wet, Wet (again), Rest, Wet n' Wild, Feelin' Groovin, Fishing, Let's Roll, Bow-wave, Floating - no problem, Awesome sauce, Splash!, KAHOOOAHHH, Relaxing, Free, Kale Kayak, Fun Exercise, OooLaLa, Spaghetti, Water, Fish Serenity

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So we want to know: What does "paddle" mean to you?


Comments are open - leave your answer! 

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