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The Top 12 Essential Camping Items

The Top 12 Essential Camping Items


Unless you are going to sleep under the stars, you will need a tent. Heck, even if you are planning on sleeping under the starts, still bring one! Your tent will be handy for storing you gear, getting away from the sun or rain or pesky mosquitoes, having a private dressing room, or keeping your supplies out of greedy animals’ hands. Best bet is to bring one along.

Sleeping Bag

Mummy bag or open top bag, it’s really a matter of personal preference. Well, it would also depend on the season and type of camping you plan on doing. Rule of thumb- be ready to layer. Bring a blanket to go IN your sleeping bag. If you are too hot, simply take it out or unzip the bag a little. Always over prepare! Nothing ruins a camping trip as fast as a bitter cold sleepless night.

Sleeping Pad

Even a yoga mat will do! Lying on the bare ground is not comfortable nor is it warm. Believe us, if it rains and the bottom of your tent is wet, that little bit of height and insulation will mean the difference between a happy camper and a miserable camper.  We want you to be a very happy camper.

Something To Start A Fire

Fire is great! It can cook, sterilize water, keep the bugs away, provide light, supply heat, bring people together for a great social event, and it smells amazing! However, fire is only fabulous once it lights.  Bring matches along to help bring a spark to your camping trip. Just make sure your fire is contained and extinguished when you go to bed.


You can’t cook a meal without a pot or pan. You can’t enjoy a meal without a utensil or two. Well you can, but who wants to eat out of a can using a stick several times a day? We suggest a pot with a lid and a 14 inch frying pan. Make sure it’s something you don’t care about putting on a couple rocks in the fire. When bringing utensils, be sure to bring a fork and spoon (or a spork if you are tight on room) and a pocket knife.


It gets dark at night. Flashlights, head lamps, or lanterns all have their advantages and disadvantages. It really comes down to personal preference. Whichever you chose, be sure to bring extra batteries or propane to supply your light source with energy.


Sitting on the ground is fun… for about 30 minutes, after that it hurts. A five gallon bucket, a camp chair, or a sleeping pad chair will cushion your tushy enough for you to enjoy that extra roasted marshmallow. We suggest something with a back on it so you can lean back and relax relishing the great outdoors.

Rain Gear

Let’s face it, sometimes Mother Nature likes to throw us a curveball. Even on the sunniest of days with 0% chance of rain, it might just drizzle or downpour. Being wet and cold leads to a wretched camping experience. Bring a rain coat or umbrella. It’s always better to be prepared.

Sunscreen & Insect Repellant

Ok, we would like to correct ourselves. Nothing ruins a camping trip faster than a sunburned body all bit up by mosquitoes.


Cooking while camping can be one of the best parts of your trip; however it can also be one of the worst.  To ensure that your camping memories include you with a full belly, plan plan plan. Easy is not always tasty. But tasty can be easy as long as you plan ahead.

First Aid Kit

Now that you are staring fires and cooking food, you will want to bring along a few supplies in case one of those activities leaves you injured.  Most people forget about a first aid kit, as it is only needed once an accident occurs.

Toilet Paper

We don’t recommend using leaves from trees or shrubs because some are prickly and some are poisonous. Ok, we need to correct ourselves again. Nothing ruins a camping trip faster than accidentally using poison ivy and poison oak as toilet paper. Ouch!

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