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#TBT: Camping in a Climbing Gym

#TBT: Camping in a Climbing Gym

A few weeks ago the Cliffs at Long Island City hosted a sleepover party. We went and had a great time. What is a sleepover in a climbing gym like you ask?

1. Movie time

Like any good sleepover, the film selection is key. The Cliffs chose the always popular Jurassic Park. 

2. Games!

We had a great time stacking crates. Even though we weren't good at it, sometimes it's nice to play games that aren't on your iphone.

3. Ridiculous sleeping options

It's like those days when you and ten friends are sleeping on the floor in a basement. Except your'e in a climbing gym and your choices are hammocks, sleeping bags, tents, and for one one lucky raffle winner... a portaledge! 

4. Climbing

And of course, the real reason we're all there... climbing at 4:00AM in your pajamas! They kept one side of the gym dark (but open for climbing with headlamps) and the other side was open with lights.

Overall: It was fun and a unique experience but don't expect to get much sleep.


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