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Quick Tips on Nutrition in the Backcountry

Quick Tips on Nutrition in the Backcountry

By Max Stewart, Saano Adventures (check them out if you're ever out in San Francisco!) 

Before hitting the trails, don't forget to load up on the nutrition you need to be safe before, during and after your adventures. Proper hydration and nutrition is key to preventing hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and it's symptoms: dizziness, nausea, fatigue, muscle weakness, blurred vision, and indecisiveness. Here's a quick and dirty guide to the nutrition you need to have a successful day in the backcountry:

Day Before Nutrition

Good = Cut back on exercise and use this as a rest day

Good = Eat a high carbohydrate breakfast, lunch and dinner

Good = drink lots of water to ensure your body is properly hydrated

Bad = heavy exercise, high fructose/sugary foods, excessive consumption of alcohol


Day of Activity Nutrition

Good = High protein and carbohydrate breakfast (eggs, oatmeal, milk, fruit) 1.5-2 hours prior to the day's hike

Good = Fully hydrate yourself before leaving your home

Good = High calorie snacks often throughout the day (every 1.5-2 hrs), hydrate often (before you feel thirsty) - on average we lose 32oz of water from our bodies per hour of heavy exercise, so hydrate often!

Good = High calorie foods + carbohydrates (quick energy) + proteins and light fats like trail mix and jerky (sustained energy)

Good = High salt content snacks along with water will help your body retain fluids and recover quickly after the day's activity

Bad = high sugar content (causes the dreaded "sugar crash") or heavy foods

Next Day Nutrition

Good = Carbohydrates (oats, bananas, sweet potatoes, wild rice, chickpeas) + protein

Good = Fruit juices, smoothies and fruit milkshakes (are often better than sports drinks)

Good = Rest, in addition to carbs and proteins, your body needs adequate rest to refuel and heal itself after extensive exercise.

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