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3 Nature-filled Running Spots in NYC

3 Nature-filled Running Spots in NYC

You love to run but city streets just aren't doing it for you anymore. Hit the trails in these three public transit accessible locations that will allow you to get your nature time and mileage in without venturing too far away from home. This post was inspired by Rob Riccardo.

1. The Long Path trail 

Though most of the trail is not actually in NYC, the Long Path technically starts at 175th street before heading over the bridge into the more scenic sections of New Jersey.

How to get there: Run, bike, walk or drive across the George Washington Bridge. Entrance is in the Palisades Park in Fort Lee New Jersey

Mileage: The trail runs 357 miles North to Albany! 

Highlights: Great views of NYC, distance training

2. North Woods, Central Park 

Yes, everyone knows about Central Park but have you ventured beyond the concrete?

How to get there: Run, walk, bike or take the B or C trains to 110th Street to enter the park

Mileage: The North Woods of Central Park are comprised of many relatively short (but hilly) trails to explore. For longer mileage a full lap of Central Park is 6 miles. 

Highlights: Choose between dirt, rocky scrambles, and pavement - there's something for everyone.

3. Van Cortlandt Park 

It can seem "far" because of the subways, but a trip to Van Cortlandt is never a bad idea especially during fall when the leaves are changing.

How to get there: 1 train to Van Cortlandt or the 4 train to Woodlawn

Mileage: There are over 15 miles of trails to explore

Highlights: Hills, relative solitude and an amazing diner for after your workout

  Runners heading into the North Woods during OutdoorFest 2015

Runners heading into the North Woods during OutdoorFest 2015

Header photo by Ben Tischler in Central Park

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