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Hiking the Long Path

Hiking the Long Path

The Long Path: a trail from New York City to the Adirondacks

All photos by Vivian Pang (@VivPVentures) from OutdoorFest 2015.

The Long Path is a 357-mile trail that traverses through myriad parks, green spaces and even main roads to connect New York City to the Adirondacks. It is maintained by the New York - New Jersey Trail Conference and lucky for us New Yorkers - starts at a subway station in Manhattan.

For a day hike, we recommend starting in Manhattan and walking 3 miles North and then back for great views, moderate hiking, and some fresh air. 

For this adventure you'll need NYNJTC Trail Maps 108 and 109 (Hudson Palisades Trails)


  • Take the A train to 175th Street in Washington Heights

  • Follow 177th street west towards the George Washington Bridge. You'll turn right on a small side street called Cabrini Boulevard which offers access to the ramp that brings you up to the bridge.

  • Cross the George Washington Bridge to New Jersey

  • After you get off the bridge you'll be at a large road, this is Hudson Terrace, turn RIGHT and walk underneath an overpass. You will see a steel staircase on your right. Go up the staircase to find the woods

  • Follow the aqua blazes that mark the Long Path out to magnificient views of the city and the Hudson River from the Palisades Cliffs


We recommend hiking to the entrance of Alison park (about 3 miles) then turn around to head back for a nice 6 mile hike. For distance runners, the NY/NJ State line is 14 miles in! 

...or you can hike all the way to the Adirondacks. There are currently 139 people recorded as having completed the Long Path "end to end". You can find a guide to backpacking the Long Path here.

Lake Skenonto Loop

Lake Skenonto Loop

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