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May 29-June 9




Exciting announcements from over here at OutdoorFest HQ. On May 31st, we have not one but two professional climbers joining us at the Adaptive Climbing Competition for PRO v. PRO.

STRONG CLIMB: AN Adaptive ClimbING Competition...

....is unlike any climbing competition you've seen part adrenaline, part advocacy and part fundraiser sponsored by Adidas Outdoor. Here's how it works:

Both able-bodied and individuals with disabilities will compete in adaptive style climbing tailored towards limb impairment, visual impairment and paraplegia. 

the pros.... 

... will be climbing alongside all of us recreational climbers. We have two professional climbers coming in to participate in the competition: Adidas athlete Delaney Miller and Adaptive's athlete Julia Sikut. Both of these ladies are strong, inspired climbers who will not only be climbing with us but also hanging out at the after party brought to us by the good people at Lagunitas! 

PRO #1: Julia Sikut

January of 2011 not only brought with it a new year for 19 year old student Julia Sikut, but a new way of life. While merging her vehicle onto the highway on her way to work, Julia was struck by an 18 wheeler. The impact of the crash had broken seven ribs, punctured a lung, but most importantly, severed her spinal cord completely at the T-11 level, leaving her permanently without sensitivity or function from the waist down. 
It had been three years post injury and Julia had yet to participate in any type of adaptive sport. In April of 2014, a friend urged her to come to @BKBSomerville in Somerville, MA for a day of climbing. Since then, Julia has been attending #climbing sessions regularly in MA. Julia says, "Climbing has been a nice opportunity to leave the chair behind me and move freely with my body. Its given me a greater awareness of my abilities. Going from being barely able to lift my head three years ago, to now reaching the top of a 50ft wall is a huge leap in strength and confidence."

PRO #2: Delaney Miller

Delaney Miller is an Adidas Outdoor sponsored professional climber and full time student at Colorado State University. She travels and climbs competitively year round while representing the US in international competitions. During the school year, she works to earn her Undergraduate degree in Health and Exercise Science. She is currently the top ranking lead climber in America and has climbed 5.14a outside.

Born: April 6, 1995

Hometown: Frisco, TX

Living: Fort Collins, CO

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 95 lbs

Began Climbing: 2007


We'll have different challenges set up including:

“Climbing Blind”: Paired competition, climber is blindfolded. Climber must stay on route and complete scared. Best time, most holds on while climbing, best time.

Rules: Must have point of contact on wall during the climb. Hands off means climb is done.

“Look Ma! Just Hands”: Climbing routes by campusing (hands only) up routes.

Rules: Can not “jump” or holds. The motion of a jumping motion in swing with legs to reach next hold. Must have point of contact during entires ascent.
“Hop to It”: Climber to choose one leg to climb with for entire route. Can not switch feet during route.

Each challenge station represents a challenge type of an athlete from the Adaptive Climbing Group. Each station will be manned by one of these athletes so they can help you out and share their own stories. You get 10 climbs included with your ticket, each additional attempt is $1 and goes straight to the Adaptive Climbing Group. Like the sport of climbing, this competition is open to both able bodied and disabled climbers.

We'll be giving away hundreds of dollars in gift certificates to shop at Adidas Outdoors - the competitions sponsor. (Plus some OutdoorFest swag)

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