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May 29-June 9


Ready for Summer at the Beach?

Ready for Summer at the Beach?

Ready for Summer at the Beach? A quick guide to the Rockaways 

Come explore the Rockaways with us on June 6th for Beach Day sponsored by Urban Outfitters. We’ll be doing beach yoga in the morning, followed by a group run on the boardwalk, a cleanup with Surfrider, a photography walk, and then a surf film and after party. Check out the full line-up here.

Memorial Day is coming up which means – beach season! Luckily for us New Yorkers, we’re only an A-train and $2.75 away from one of the best beaches around: Rockaway. Rockaway Beach is an easy trip for the day (we’ve gotten there by both subway and bike) and has an incredible surf community that’s both intimidatingly  impressive (check out our interview of Human Rights Activist/Four Season Surfer Juhu) and genuinely welcoming to new comers.

There are beginner surf beaches if you’re just starting (NYC Surf Guide) and more advanced surf for those ready to take on big waves. Plus, you can explore miles of beach for yoga, running, and good ol’ playing in the sand.

Recommended in Rockaway

Rockaway Beach Surf Club: The place to be. Plus they have awesome art exhibits periodically throughout the summer.

Rockaway Summer: This new publication that explains the ins- and outs of Rockaway through fun illustrations, maps and quick guides.

Rockaway Waterfront Alliance: Check their calendar for upcoming “Rockspot” Tours where they guide you on free bike tours in the National Parks around the area

Skudin Surf: Skudin as surf lessons everyday where you can expect beach lessons plus water time to catch your first wave.

Surfrider: This is the group who’s making sure the water stays safe to swim in long term. While they’re not officially based in Rockaway, you can be sure that many of their members (and programs) take place on this beach

Tacoway Beach: Rockaway Taco has found its way to the Rockaway Beach Surf Club. Open all day this is your new go-to grub spot.

Header photo by Andreea Waters

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