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Biking to Van Cortlandt Park

Biking to Van Cortlandt Park

Fall is officially here and crisp weather means less lying around on the beach and more working up a sweat. No car and only a day to spare? This NYC-based cycling trip to Van Cortlandt offers a way to find adventure on local turf.

Step 1: Hudson River Greenway North

This route assumes you're coming from Manhattan (or via Manhattan from another borough) and is one of the safest options because the majority of the ride is car-free. You'll start the ride the same way you would if you were doing the Cycling over the GWB Ride by hoping on the Hudson River Greenway - a multi-use path next to the West Side Highway. A note of warning for this path: mid-afternoon on warm sunny days can get very crowded and slow your ride down considerably. We recommend getting an early start to your day to beat the "traffic." 

Step 2: Navigate Northern Manhattan

Once on the Hudson River Greenway, you can enjoy car-free biking (with views of the Hudson) all the way up the side of Manhattan until you notice a huge Fairway to your right. Here, make a right turn at at 132nd Street and then through the parking area to 133rd Steet. After a few blocks turn left onto Amsterdam Avenue. Make a right on 146th and then a left onto St. Nicholas where you will be back on bike friendly (ish) lane. The rest of Manhattan is a breeze as St. Nicholas turns into the Harlem River Drive Greenway and then into 10th Avenue until you hit the 225th Street / Broadway Bridge.

Step 3: The last push to Van Cortlandt

You've crossed the bridge which means now you're in the Bronx! The next 5 minutes are probably the toughest of the journey as you're riding under a noisy overpass without a bike lane. Just take a deep breath and easy through it, after one mile you'll see Van Cortlandt Park South and be able to take a right to enter into the park! 

You made it and can now enjoy the trails and all 1,000+ acres of Van Corlandt Park.

Pro tip: if you're there during bird migration season the NYC Audubon often does free bird walks in the park. Find the schedule here.  

Below is a Google Map that highlights our recommended route and also offers a few other options.

#OutdoorNYC Events

#OutdoorNYC Events

Summer: Post Labor Day

Summer: Post Labor Day