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May 29-June 9


Mountain Biking at OutdoorFest 2016

Mountain Biking at OutdoorFest 2016

Why OutdoorFest is including mountain biking in this year's schedule and how you can take your first ride

Header photo from bicycle habitat / specialized women’s mountain bike demo day

Over the past few years OutdoorFest has tried hard to include as many sports in as many boroughs with as many partners as possible. On our planning "bucket list" though has always been mountain biking, a sport usually relegated to, well, the mountains, but somehow available in three out of our five boroughs. 

Finally, in 2016 because of the support of Clif Bar and the inspiration of three amazing partners OvRride, Trips for Kids and NYC Mountain Bike Association, mountain biking finally makes its OutdoorFest debut with three events all of which are open to all levels including complete mountain biking beginners.

So how do you get out on a mountain bike during OutdoorFest this year? Here are the three options:


The Free Experience

Mountain Biking in Highbridge Park (Manhattan) with NYCMTB on June 11th

This is the perfect day to test the waters as you get comfortable on a mountain bike with the amazing volunteers of The NYC Mountain Biking Association, who not only are providing the bikes but also maintain the trails to make sure they're rideable. Plus, Clif Bar will be there with snacks to help #feedyouradventure.

The Hands On Experience

Beginner Mountain Biking Clinic at Cunningham Park (Queens) with TFK on June 18th

Nervous about hitting the trails? Join the 4 hour adult clinic in Cunnigham Park (Queens) with TFK NYC for a hands on beginners class that will teach you the fundamentals of balance and confidence needed to start to ride. By the end of the class you will be able to ride the 6.5 mile beginner mountain bike trail in Cunningham! Bikes and helmets are included. All proceeds go directly to funding TFKs summer programming for area youth.

The Full Day Experience

Mountain Biking at Mountain Creek (New Jersey) with OvR on June 12th

If you're ready for a full day of stoke head to the mountains with the OvR crew - who, if you've never adventured with them - are some of the most high energy and positive people in New York City. The bus picks you up early in the morning and you don't get back until late but your entire day is full with instruction for beginners, easy bike rentals, trails for all levels (experienced riders - this is the trip for you too!) and perhaps some beer at the bar to end the day.

Plus, this is just the beginning (though you won't find this trip so deeply discounted again) as OvR will be running Mountain biking trips all summer so that means you'll be meeting adventure buddies that will keep you riding and progressing for months to come.

Not convinced? Watch this video:

And of course we'll say it again, none of this would have been possible without the support of Clif Bar - who are helping us all get out there and try new sports. We can't wait to see you all OutdoorFest 2016. 



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