Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.
— John Muir



The mission of OutdoorFest is to connect urban dwellers to local outdoor resources to encourage healthier, active, and more adventurous lifestyles.


This is our city and we love it. We know cities are incredible places to live with amazing opportunities and resources. We are also outdoor enthusiasts. But can outdoor enthusiasts also be urban?

OutdoorFest aims to provide a place for all of us to tap into our core love of nature and adventure and bring it into our daily lives. Most importantly, we want to do this together with our fellow urbanites and local community organizations within our five boroughs. 

The outdoors creates self-sufficiency, it empowers, it strengthens, it increases health, and most importantly, it solidifies personal connection to nature.

Our ultimate goal at OutdoorFest goes beyond all of the fun of adventure and healthy, active lifestyle. We aim to encourage personal connections with the outdoors that develop urbanites into advocates for our natural world so that the outdoors remain accessible for everyone.

Live in the city, love the outdoors.  



Sarah Knapp started OutdoorFest in 2013. You can read her WHY here and reach out to say hi or offer adventure suggestions at sarah@outdoorfest.com.