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FL970 – Olympia’s Floodlamps are ready for big adventure and big projects alike. They provide powerful brightness to illuminate for an extended period of time and without packing on a lot of weight. Compact, lightweight, cordless and a 360° swiveling head make these floodlamps the ultimate in portability and convenience. Best yet, they are rechargeable so you can use them again and again. Keep them handy for when the sun goes down or when the power goes out.

WD180 – This palm-sized lantern has versatile features for almost any possible use. Its base is magnetic, convenient for mounting on any metal surface. You can sit it upright, kick out its feet to angle the light or use the built-in clip to hang it. Don’t let its mini-size fool you, this light has an incredible output of 180 lumens. Whether you are venturing into the known or unknown, you will be ready with the WD180.

EX230 – This headlamp provides hands free and worry free lighting. 230 lumens and a 4x adjustable zoom gives you the option for a focused beam or wide beam. A rear red light with on, off and blinking settings provide an extra level of safety when you are out in the dark. Weather resistant, impact resistant, 140M beam range and 160 hours of run time ensure this headlamp is ready for whatever you throw at it.

RG580 – The ‘RG’ in the RG580 stands for Rugged. Appropriately named this 580 lumen light features top of the line technology, unfailing durability and a premium level of performance ensuring it is ready for any situation. You can drop it on the concrete or in water and it will still keep working. Weighing just over 2oz and measuring under 5in it will easily clip to your running shorts, backpack or fit in your pocket without weighing you down. It makes a perfect companion for running, hiking, camping and so much more.


Launch Event: 5k Headlamp Trail Run:  We're starting the festival of with a bang! Run over roots, rocks, and up and down the natural terrain of the Staten Island Greenbelt. We'll start as the sun sets and navigate through the woods until we come out headlamps ablaze to our lighted finish line. 

OutdoorFest Official Campout:  We'll be spending the first night of OutdoorFest under the stars. Head out to camp in Staten Island with us. Before sunset we'll be setting up campsites, doing tent set-up demos, and meeting our camping crew for the night.