The inaugural Mappy Hour Summit by Fjallraven


This August we’re gathering for the first Mappy Hour Summit sponsored by Fjallraven. We invite everyone to join Mappy Hourists from across the country on a 3-day, 20 mile trekking trip at the Fjallraven USA Classic. You can register with the code CLASSICVIP25 for a special Mappy Hour discount on the Fjallraven Classic’s site here which is where you can also find out additional details about the trek or talk to their customer service. Please email if you’re joining so we can coordinate meeting and starting together on August 19th! (Note: if you can't make it this year, please let us know what you'd like us to do next year). 



What is the Mappy Hour Summit?

A group adventure for Mappy Hourists from around the country to gather, meet, and spend time outdoors.

Is OutdoorFest running this event? Are they providing guides?

Nope – this one is all done by Fjallraven, we’re just participating as a group.

What is Fjallraven?

Fjallraven is a Swedish trekking brand that launched the Fjallraven Classic in Sweden years ago (read this story!). This is the very first year they’re doing a USA Classic and we’re psyched to be a part of it.

This is in two weeks!
We know, we promise we’ll give you more heads up next year.

When do I fly in and out?

We’d recommend flying in Thursday night and if you need to be at work Monday, hopping on a Red eye Sunday night. The information we’ve received from Fjallraven suggests that 9:00PM is the absolute earliest you should be booking a flight on Sunday.

Will we all be hiking together?

It depends on how big the group is – we might split up during the day into levels/paces and then meet at night!

How much skill do we have to have?

Fjallraven says this trek is for all levels but we’d recommend some hiking and backpacking experience because you’ll be doing at least 5 miles at altitude a day with a backpack on!