OutdoorFest's Official 2015 Film

Created by: You.

Are you ready to see your own, homemade footage edited and broadcasted? We're working with professional film maker Mélanie de Groot van Embden to open up the creation of the "official 2015 film" to you, your hands, your cameras and your inspiration. 

You don't need a fancy camera - just something to record with. Image is a very powerful media and filming is an act of art. You decide what your OutdoorFest looks like by filming your own adventures. Take landscape shots, jumps, rides or do interviews, gather impressions, catch a speaker! We'll collect your footage and then highlight it to create the Official OutdoorFest video with your name on it. Pictures are like the letters of our alphabet, they are a language and you can learn how to speak it very easily.

Throughout the week Melanie will be providing special training classes so you can learn from a pro. 

Meet your director: Melanie! 

Hi i am a 28 year old french film maker with a strong taste for adventure!

My first documentary, called Urban Escape, takes us into dozens of abandoned and forbidden places with the most famous explorers in the America.  

I am currently working as a video reporter for New York based agency Keep In News. 

I love sailing on the Hudson, running in Central Park and can't wait to meet you all! 

Check out my website www.wickedscope.com

More details coming soon. Sign up here if you'd like to be contacted about the project:

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Contact: outdoorfestfilm@gmail.com