7,000+ registrants

500 tagged photos

78 Events

60 partners

5 boroughs

1 community

We succeeded in bringing together an often-disparate community of urban dwelling outdoor enthusiasts.

Event highlights:



-Reconnecting with our waterways: Kayaking, SUP, Sailing, Fishing, Surf, and Canoeing

-Volunteerism ranging from trail and beach cleanups to hiking with inner city youth

-Hundreds of people doing yoga at locations in all five boroughs

-Fabien Cousteau Skyping into The Explorers Club

-Barbara Hillary, Polar Explorer, as the guest speaker at our Final Party

- Seasoned outdoorsmen and new users, together.


Key press coverage:

Quick numbers:

7000+ registrations

2000+ on the waitlist,

500+ Instagram photos tagged

Over 120,000 homepage hits

Over a million impressions via a mix of print, digital, & social

Pushing forward:

While our site experienced thousands of hits every day of the festival, the majority of our events were sold out and even now the NYC community is still banging on our doors asking What’s Next?

We need your help to push this movement forward. We’re ready for OutdoorFest 2015 and simply need the support of larger brands who care about the community as much as we do.

Will you be part of the future of the outdoors in NYC?


Live in the city, love the outdoors