Virtual Event Bags

This year OutdoorFest is sending Virtual Event Bags to all of our participants. These are targeted goodie bags that our millenial demographic can easily engage with.

WHY are we choosing virtual goodie bags?

Looks great on desktop, ipad, and smart phone displays.

Looks great on desktop, ipad, and smart phone displays.

1) What's an awesome event without an awesome goodie bag?

2) We want to connect our participants with products we love so they can continue their outdoor lifestyles beyond the festival

3) With all of the collective excitement surrounding the festival - how do we connect people immediately? OutodorFest's event bags are available with one click from a smart phone (bag is mobile optimized).

4) We get to reduce our footprint! 



All of our registrants will be invited to the bag and reminded twice. That's 3 direct emails to thousands of people living and playing in NYC. Previous metrics have found that bags are visited by over 75% of participants. That's exponentially higher than a traditional email blast. Here are some quick stats on our demographic:



Your team can create your own content whether it be an discount/deal, digital download or contest. You get an image, a link and then a robust report at the end so you can share the success of the ad buy with your boss. We'll include demographic data, overall bag performance, and offer performance including conversion, visitors, views, emails etc.

Here's an example of what the ad will look like: